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Our strength is to quickly identify and reduce the complexity of our customers’ customs management. In this way, we can help create the conditions for cost savings based on the customer’s operations, systems and current products.

Our consultants have many years of experience in business development and streamlining of customs management. We also carry out tailor-made training courses for companies that you can read more about here.

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Some of our consulting services:

  • Customs Processes
  • Risk analysis
  • Application of various permits Implementation of Customs warehouses
  • Application for AEO permit Classifications
  • Reviewals
  • Origin and Free Trade Issues
  • Quality Evaluations
  • Corporate training

More about our consulting services

Application for customs clearance

There are many different conditions that provide favorable handling in the customs processes. With the right permission, you can have the opportunity to use various customs rules and relief and use the free trade agreements that the EU has with other countries. We help you to apply for all different customs permits that are suitable for your business.

AEO permit

AEO permit, Authorized Economic Operator, is a quality assurance system where you go through and quality assure your customs processes. Quality assurance applies throughout the EU. As a company with an AEO permit, you get a good overview of your customs processes and also easier to apply for permits for trade with third countries. Feel free to contact us for a first meeting where we go through what applies.


With the correct classification of your article directory you pay the right fees. We help you to classify your article register or individual products to the correct customs statistics number. We can do it on an ongoing basis or at one time. We also help you validate Swedish and Norwegian customs statistics numbers if you are trading with Norway.

Customs Processes

Review and streamlining of the company’s customs management and processes provide a more efficient flow of goods and better control. Our consultants can review your customs management to see what can be improved.

Risk analysis

Our consultants can also review your customs handling and do an analysis of undesirable events in customs handling. Something that increases the possibility of an improvement of the company’s customs processes and routines, which in turn leads to risk reduction

Implementation of customs warehouses

When dealing with countries other than the EU, it can be cost effective to handle their goods in customs warehouses. Our consultants can help you apply for a permit, set routines and even provide an efficient customs warehouse system. It also provides an opportunity to get good control over their customs processes.

Origin and Free Trade Issues

We help you investigate origin issues and their documents and which free trade agreements may be of interest to the business.

Quality Evaluations

Under the new Customs Act, the CCC requires control of its customs matters. We can therefore offer quality follow-up and self-checks that are in line with customs legislation.

Other support in customs related matters

We also offer support on other issues regarding import and export. Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your company.

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Our consultants have many years of experience in business development and streamlining of customs management.

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