New HS codes

In 2022, it's time for new HS codes, which will also affect Taric.

New HS codes

In 2022, it’s time for new HS codes, which will also affect Taric.

UThe HS codes are updated every 5 years and now it’s time for a new update.
When you do a review, you look at the need for what needs to be collected statistics on.

It could be:
• Environmental aspects
• Health and Safety
• Changed trading volumes
• New technique
• Ensure uniform interpretation / language adaptation

And based on these, you create new or delete old Taric codes that are not current. In this update we have a new chapter 2404. 2404 = new HS heading for products containing tobacco, reconstituted tobacco, nicotine or tobacco or nicotine replacement, intended for inhalation without combustion; other nicotine products intended for the ingestion of nicotine into the human body. Another area in which there will be some changes is in chemical substances. And in medicine, chapters 3002 and 3006

In the new HS nomenclature, there will also be some updates on remarks. Which is the guide to how to classify your goods.
In section IX, new remarks have been added about e.g. textile with electricity and changed texts regarding lamination of textile.
An example of a change in Chapter 62 is the remarks on 6205.

Headings 6205 and 6206 do not cover garments having pockets below the waist, ribbed waistband or other drawstring at the bottom. No. 6205 does not cover sleeveless garments. By “shirts” and “shirt blouses” is meant a garment for the upper part of the body, with long or short sleeves and with a full or partial opening that begins at the neckline. By “blouses” is meant loose-fitting garments for the upper part of the body, with or without sleeves and with or without an opening at the neckline. “Shirts”, “shirt blouses” and “blouses” can also be provided with a collar.


! It is important that you go through and look over your article registers and be vigilant in updating your statistical numbers before the turn of the year!

As the changes take place at HS level, Norway and their customs tariff codes will also be affected.
If you want to read more about how to find information about what is changing and tables where you can compare old and new product codes from each Customs, you will find it here:

Info new HS codes Tullverket SE – Swedish link

Info new HS codes Toll NO-Norwigan link

Feel free to read this document, as it contains a good overview of upcoming changes.
Jämförelse tabell 2017 mot 2022

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